Without Liberal arts skills, this world is doomed to fail. All jobs today require critical thinking, teamwork, and being able to know a lot of information on different social and political climates. All of these skills are taught in a Liberal Arts field of education. Having an detailed education in the Liberal Arts field would prepare you for being able to communicate effectively with co-workers and people from different companies, a skill that is beyond vital for businesses these days and with all the technology that is around. Liberal Arts graduates have shown over time that they can be extremely successful in their careers and are and have been known to be the best type of communicators in this ever-changing world. Liberal Arts gives you that flexibility and creativeness that you can’t get from a STEM education.

Picture explains it, a Liberal Arts Degree really is priceless. 

Now, we could argue that a STEM education is just as if not more valuable and needed in today’s society. People that would be arguing for the STEM side would use the main point such as having a STEM education gives you the tools needed to be able to use and create tomorrow’s technology. It is a solid argument, but ultimately wrong. Here showing a quote from, “The Value Of A Liberal Arts Education In Today’s Global Marketplace”:

The STEM disciplines are eminently worthy areas of study. But in today’s world of changing demographics, 24/7 news cycles and a global marketplace, the liberal arts are critical to success in every economic sector. There can be no doubt that they play an essential part in providing a foundation for learning in every professional field.

This quote from the author explains that STEM careers are needed, but also says that a Liberal Arts education is critical in today’s ever-changing society.


A STEM and a Liberal Arts education are both things that people actively pursue for their college education, through numerous viewpoints, one being better than the other. One strong advantage that a Liberal Arts education has over a STEM education would be the flexibility that a Liberal Arts education would give you in the workplace. A quote from, “Myth: A Liberal Arts Education Is Becoming Irrelevant”, explains the inflexibility of workers in China and Japan:

Today, the skills of liberal arts graduates are in increasing demand around the world. Surveys in China and Japan, cultures long held as supporting regimented learning, have begun to show that employers there are complaining about the inflexibility of a workforce educated without a focus on creativity or problem solving. Universities in Asia are adapting liberal arts education as an economic necessity. This shows that booming economies such as China and Japan are both countries that are in dire need of Liberal Arts educated students, not STEM educated students.


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Communication is and always will be something that is highly valued throughout workplaces all around the world. STEM educated individuals can communicate, but not nearly as good as Liberal Arts educated individuals can and do. Key attributes of a Liberal Arts major include, creativeness, communicative, and problem-solving abilities. A lot of key emphasis on the communicative aspect, an aspect in which is lacking in the workplace these days:

Visual and performing arts and communications-gained nearly 25 percent in 2014 over 2013, which is good news for those seeking jobs and entertainment.

Being able to communicate and to communicate effectively are both things that are extremely vital in basically everything that is done today. A Liberal Arts education is something that would give you that important skill set to communicate effectively. A STEM educated individual would not have been well rehearsed in the vital art of communication, but a Liberal Arts educated person is.


A little something for those politically informed out there, a person saying that they won’t hire someone with a Liberal arts degree  


Related with a good set of communication skills, being able to work with others and liking that work is also something that is must-have in the society in which we currently live in. A STEM education prepares you for a job in which you will be doing exactly what you are educated on, nothing else. A Liberal Arts educated person would find this difficult, due to the fact that their education includes learning great communication skills, teamwork and critical thinking. Throughout most of our lives, we are put in situations where we have to work with other human beings. Some would fear this, others would see it as a great opportunity. I say this because when you get to know and work with others, especially those from a different place than you, you have the chance to learn things that would help you see the world better and be a better person. A STEM educated person would not have the chance to do this during most of their education period in college, thus they are at a disadvantage. A Liberal Arts educated person would have a large number of chances to do this, giving them the insight of people that are possibly from different cultures.


A Liberal Arts education compared to a STEM education, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A Liberal Arts education has the desired advantages that a person would need to succeed in this world. On the pathway to gaining a degree or degrees in Liberal Arts, you become educated on a number of different subjects. For example, you might learn a bit about how to better network and market yourself in a marketing class on the way to your business management degree. Another example would include becoming a better communicator while pursuing your degree. All of these skills would help you in your career field after you’ve completed your education. On the other hand, a STEM education would only have you focused on your area of interest and that area alone.


To finish, a Liberal Arts education would better serve you in today’s constantly changing society. This is due to the number of things that contribute to that, superior communication skills, being better and able to work with others in a team setting to get a desired goal accomplished, and to be a better critical thinker. Most people today would lead you to believe that you should not pursue an education in the Liberal Arts area of study due to it not making as much money. In certain areas of STEM, you would have the chance to have more money, but for a Liberal Arts education, you would have the skills that would set up with life-long friends and being able to be a master networker. Those two highly valued traits lead to endless opportunities, something you would be unable to receive from a STEM education.