Employers want liberal arts

Read, Reason, and Write says, “According to a Column in Time magazine, Charles Krauthammer argues that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever to play the game, he writes: ‘How do we know? You could try Method 1: Compare him directly with the former greatest golfer, Jack Nicklaus… but that is not the right way to compare. You cannot compare greatness directly across the ages. There are so many intervening variables: changes in technology, training, terrain, equipment, often rules and customs…’” There are so many different variables between Liberal Arts and STEM that it could make either look better than the other, but Liberal Arts gives you more opportunities to be successful, and it broadens our perspectives. First, I will explain what STEM is. Secondly, I will explain how Liberal Arts is already a part of STEM. Lastly, I will explain why art is important.


Liberal Arts

STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We focus on these because together they are essential for student success, but also because they all come together in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. The acronym was brought upon us by the National Science Foundation in the early 2000’s. The NSF and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have funded many projects associated with STEM. Art is used in many different ways in all of these subjects.

Next, how are Liberal Arts and STEM similar? Liberal Arts has a lot of support with STEM education. How is it used though? In science, you use art to analyze things in science. You are able to understand the cultural context of your research with art, and what you are experimenting with. It makes you become a better communicator and researcher.

With technology, Technology helps express your thoughts just like art does. You could start with something small, combine media and end up with something you have never imagined. It makes you more creative, and you can create anything on a computer in many different ways. Computers have a lot of different programs to download for graphic design like, Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator, and bridge. With technology you can examine art in many ways, for example at their pixel level. You can see their techniques, perspectives and proportions. Art can be used to explore technology and its tools. Technology has the potential to make all new forms of art, from that we can have new experiences that can be inspiring or just plain fun. Some examples of art that uses technology, digital painting, digital printing, game design, website design, digital modeling, and many more.

In engineering, Engineering is a lot of things, building, designing, structures, machines, and the use of engines. Art is used in all of those things. How? Well to make a building or structure you need to design a rough draft to make that building and make sure it will be safe, and then you have to get it approved by someone. With engines, you need to have the creativity to design an engine so it runs properly. Designing is everything in art, you always have to design something for it to be art.

With mathematics, basic things in math that deal with art are measuring, lines, and making a graph. The details of art can be described using math. For example, begin with a curve, a closed figure, or a simple spatial form, apply an algorithm to alter that figure by adding to (or subtracting) specified parts of that figure, then repeat the algorithm recursively.

Liberal Arts has many different ways of explaining things, and that is something we learn in our Liberal Arts classes. “Examining examples based on people, items, or experiences in our lives” (Seyler 131). We use this in our every day lives, we know that going to a concert is more fun than sitting at home, or that Justin Bieber is better than Miley Cyrus, in some peoples opinion of course, this is us examining things, we do it all the time without even knowing it.

Lastly, I would like to tell you why art is important. The arts are a very broad subject, and is a huge part of our lives. “Davinci himself said, Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, music and installation art. These are all types of art, but this is not all of them. “They can even make us feel like we are in a different place.” “A lot of artists tell stories in their art”, whether it would be dance, poetry, paintings, or music. This helps it all make sense and gives us an understanding of what they are trying to say to us. Another reason why Liberal Arts is important is that it gives us guidelines to success, there are always rules to follow when we don’t know what to do, they could also be guidelines to analyzing an argument, like it shows in RRW pg.133, it guides us through what we should be looking for in a project, or something through work.

To rebuttal, STEM education has a lot of purpose for it, sometimes you don’t need liberal arts to make it through these courses. Sometimes all you need to know is mathematics to get through other STEM careers. Engineering doesn’t need Liberal Arts for it to be successful, you can have creativity on your own, you don’t need to go to school and get a degree in Liberal Arts to be creative. “Parents often counsel their children to pursue these disciplines because job prospects are seemingly better” (Ray).

To support, with a Liberal Arts degree you are able to get a lot more education by having it. You might not need that degree but it will definitely help you out in the long run because some jobs might make you take a couple extra courses to move up a position or two. Liberal Arts helps out in your personal life as well, it teaches you how to stand up for yourself and make your point clear. At the same time, employers readily identify the creative, communicative and problem-solving acumen traditionally associated with liberal arts majors as the most valuable attributes of new hires (McNutt).


Different Values in Liberal Arts
After all that information here is a recap of what you just learned. In Conclusion, I explained to you who thought of STEM and what it was. Next, I told you how art is used in each of these subjects. Lastly, I explained to you why art is important and how it affects us individually. We need Liberal Arts in our lives, it serves to broaden many perspectives that improve students learning and creativity. I hope you realize that art is good for us and that it is not just about graphic design, rather that it expresses who we are and gives a good critical thinking ideas to transform the way we learn things.

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