When looking at the global marketplace today, we can see that going to college substantially increases one’s chance of being successful and wealthy in our economy. Many schools and parents are pushing students towards attending college. Most high school graduates move on and go to college and try to earn a degree. This is where the real decision comes in, What should a student major in and what are the jobs that are available in the job market? I believe overall a degree in the STEM field is most important and useful when looking to enter the global marketplace today. When looking for a job, the knowledge that comes along with a student with a STEM degree can be very useful. This is shown through various articles we have read in class that support both STEM and the liberal arts. In counter many people would say a degree in liberal arts will lead to more success and is most important in the society we live in.

College Bound

In the world today we understand the value of higher education, and see the benefits and opportunities that come along with a college degree. We can see this when looking at the article College Calculus written by John Cassidy. Cassidy says “If there is one thing most Americans have been able to agree on over the years, it is that getting an education, particularly a college education, is a key to human betterment and prosperity”. Parents push their children to go to college and most young adults see the purpose for a college education. Going off to college after high school is the normal thing to do now days. The real question is what should a college student major in.

Today there are debates on whether students should major in the promising fields of STEM education or the slowly declining liberal arts major. I believe that in order to be successful in today’s marketplace it is very important to have a STEM education. STEM is rapidly growing in our technology runned society and its amazing the knowledge a STEM major can have. When this knowledge is put forth its astonishing the impact it has on our society.


The promising fields of STEM education is rapidly growing in our society. I feel majoring in the STEM fields can be very promising when looking at the money and job opportunity aspect of things. We live in a technology runned society, things are evolving and becoming better. I believe this is because of STEM majors. In order to keep up with our society it is important that we have enough STEM majors to fill these job opportunities. In the article The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s Global Marketplace written by Edward Ray he says “The STEM disciplines are eminently worthy areas of study. Anxious parents often counsel their children to pursue these disciplines because job prospects are seemingly better in STEM areas”. Here we can see that STEM graduates are needed and that parents want their children to pursue STEM because their is a better chance that their child will be able to find a job right out of college.

More students with STEM degrees are needed in the global marketplace. We can see this when looking at the article There is Value in Liberal Arts Education, Employers Say by Mark McNutt. He says “The prevailing wisdom and research indicate a growing emphasis on and necessity for career-ready degrees such as computer science, engineering and finance – often included as part of STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)”. As you can see their is a high demand for STEM majors and the knowledge they obtain. Through STEM education students gain knowledge that no other field can give and this will help with the bettering of our society. Although a STEM major may have the knowledge it takes to make it in our society, others believe it takes much more than that in order to be successful.

STEM Graduates

In counter, many people believe a liberal arts degree is all you need in order to be successful. They argue that the liberal arts give students critical skills that a STEM major could never obtain. Again in the article There Is Value in Liberal Arts Education, Employers Say, McNutt says “Employers readily identify the creative, communicative and problem-solving acumen traditionally associated with liberal arts majors as the most valuable attributes of new hires”. From this we can see employers are wanting the skills of a liberal arts major when looking for new hires. Liberal arts majors may have skills that help when looking to be successful, but I believe a STEM major still is more useful. I strongly feel, a liberal arts major does not have the knowledge and experience in order to be successful in our technology based society.

In conclusion, students with STEM degree when entering the global marketplace have a better chance of being successful. Many students are graduating high school and moving on to college. It is very important for these students to pick a useful major that will help them succeed in life. In order to be successful students should choose the STEM route. STEM degrees give students knowledge and experience that will help them be ahead of the game. These students will be able to find a job right out of college. Some people may disagree and say liberal arts is the route young college students should take. I believe in order to truly be successful and a well rounded employer it is very important to have a STEM degree.